How can one’s soul be so weary and burdened?
With a smile so pleasant, it never reaches the eyes.
A laugh here and there to hide those tears.
Pulled all together on the outside
But within the cages of the heart, one is imprisoned
Overused, Overlooked and mistreated.
Trying so hard to forgive quickly over and over
Shoved into a place to keep locked the secrets sworn to be hidden.
How can one be free? Is there even a truth behind freedom?
Seeking Him is a daily task of sacrifice but patiently one must wait.
For what is love if its not patient, not full of humility and nor of grace.
A love I speak is a quiet love, gentle in suffering, sweet in patience and enduring all things. That is the love we must all try to accomplish.

Concept of 1 Corinthians 13:1-4


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