The Orange Circle

Hello Friends, As you can tell, I am starting to expand my blog a bit more in different categories. Adventures, is exactly what it means. Exploring and encountering awkward situations, cool places and awesome things. But first, a little background of myself. I am turning nineteen in thirteen days. Time goes by so fast! I remember when I was in Junior High wondering what I would be like in my twenties.  Almost there! I have no clue what to do for my birthday. Maybe my girls and I will dress up and go to a nice dinner. I am so blessed to have such beautiful and crazy friends. Last year was full of surprises for my birthday. That year was a really rough year for me but the girls showered me with such love. It was wonderful knowing that I am not alone and these girls will stand with me no matter what. They threw a surprise sleepover for me and one of the girls surprised me at school with this amazing cake. It was heaven. If you are reading this, you know who you are! xox IMG_5165 Second thing I want to share is the Orange Circle. It is a mixture of old and new places. There is several coffee shops, antique shops and yummy bites as well.

a la minute: An ice cream shop within the circle with its own spin on the original flavors of ice cream.

Cafe Lucca: is such a cute place as well. It has Italian food and gelato.

Paris In A Cup: is also one of the frequent places people tend to visit to drink tea and have lunch.

Pizza Press: Craving pizza? There is this pizza place that serves ice cream sandwiches for dessert with a variety of pizza’s to choose from.

There is more but that is up to you to find out. The orange circle is this really cute and laid back center stock full of antique shops and yummy bites. A mixture of old and new.

Have a beautiful day!



a la minute ice cream



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