Downtown Fullerton

Hello Friends,

I have a new place I am excited to share with you! Its actually not really new, I’ve been hanging out here forever. Its called Downtown Fullerton. It is a step back in time as it has little cafes, shops and restaurants lined down Harbor Street with adorable strung lights and the atmosphere is so cozy and fun.

This place is in downtown fullerton on Harbor Boulevard and Chapman. Some of my favorite spots in downtown fullerton are listed below:

 Oh Hello Friend: “Hello Friend” is a really cute shop that contains books, stationary, coffee mugs and little tidbits that are so adorable. It feels like you are home when you walk in through the door.


Stich and Feathers: Another high end boutique that is filled with the latest trends of clothing for a 20-something lady.

Buffalo Exchange: A perfect place to dump all your clothing that you acquired from cleaning out your closet for money to buy hand-me-downs from their store. They have an awesome collection of clothing for thrift findings! Go check it out!

The Night Owl: Coffee shop and study sesh. I love how they have such an inviting and warm atmosphere and many options to choose from.

The Dripp Coffee shop: Full of hipster and cute baristas and such a beautiful atmosphere. There are a variety of different drinks and for dessert try the ice cream cookie sandwiches. I heard they were divine.


Cha2o: A amazing bobba haven! They have bobba teas and smoothies along with yogurt and appetizers and full meals too. YUM! Downtown fullerton would be incomplete without this place.

Green Bliss: A vegetarian paradise! They have about everything. I still love it because of all the green and healthy options. They also have amazing tea as well.

Rialto Cafe: A little Cafe that has breakfast and lunch containing healthy sandwiches and yummy eats. My all time favorite place for lunch. When I am there, I always order the Caprese panini and oh man. It gets me every time.

Bolu Bakery: A bakery that is a mixture of goodies, wonderful meals, teas, and drinks. It is a popular study spot for college students.

Heroes Bar and Grill: An all american restaurant that is so fun! It is a very loud and wild place to eat at with such great food. The food is all in giant portions and always so good. Also they throw peanuts on the floor. Who doesn’t like that?

There are all kinds of amazing shops and places I haven’t visited but heard about that are in downtown fullerton as well. Please please feel free to comment and let me know. Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Have a beautiful day!




This picture was from Cha2o. My friend and I got some boba smoothies and popcorn chicken. SO YUM!


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