In Love With Life

Hello Friends,

Have you ever felt “Stuck” in life? The kind of “Stuck” where you feel like you went the wrong way and the situation you are in seems so wrong and you end up wondering, “I should not be here!” I am going to be honest; I have been feeling “Stuck” and a bit disappointed in myself with where I am in life. Yet, God is teaching me instead of looking ahead, we need to believe in the now. We need to learn to be in the moment. So often we rush our way through life and miss out on all the moments and the beauty of life itself. God wants us to be in the now.

Life is too short to hold back. I want to make as many memories as I can with everyone. Dance in the rain without a care, laugh at stupid jokes, light candles, and drink lots of yummy teas and smile at strangers. Life is just too short. It can be beautiful if you make it beautiful.

In order to fall in love with life, stop worrying. Live in each moment.

Life is going to be messy. It can be heart wrenching, exhausting, sorrowful, lonely and sad at times. However, there are moments where you are laughing until you are gasping for breath. There are going to be sunsets and sunrises that take your breath away. Moments where you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you make the jump into the water. You will find love that is beautiful and passionate. Discover food that tastes like heaven, music you have never heard of and wonderful memories to treasure forever. You are human. Life is not perfect but the imperfect is beautiful. It makes you who you are.

Life can be hard but can also be wonderful.

Live everyday with a reminder of how God sees you. God is holding your hand. He has a purpose for you. He loves you with a love so deep an ocean cannot be compared to His love for you. Jesus loves each person. God has created every single cell on this earth with a purpose in mind. He will give you the strength to go on. Anything is possible with God.

“And Jesus said to him, If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.” –Mark 9:23

Take a moment to look at the stars. Drink your favorite drink. Run through the streets yelling on the top of your lungs. Dance to your favorite song in your underwear. Roll down the windows and crank up that music when you drive. Pick that flower. Paint that wall. Smile at a stranger. Be crazy. Live!

P.S. I promise you. It is worth it.

Have a beautiful day!





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