The Grow Coffee Shop

Hello Friends,

I found a coffee shop that is a perfect distance from my house and I want to share it with you! It is located 1035 N Tustin Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807. It is called the “Grow Coffee +Tea” Isn’t that cute?

It is a one of a kind, unique coffee shop that serves as a wonderful place to eat, drink delicious tea or coffee and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. I go there every weekend to do homework or whatever I need to do and it is so wonderful doing it there. They have these comfy chairs, a high bar table, and tables and chairs that scream,”Sit on me.”

The Hibiscus tea with lemonade is so yummy, I totally recommend it. Another one of my usuals is the shaken ice tea with lemonade. The Passion ice tea with lemonade is heavenly. I confess I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I also love their chai lattes. “HEAVEN RIGHT THERE” Their coffee is exceptionally good. Way better than Starbucks. (Sorry). They have tons of different coffee and tea options which makes this place wonderful.

Also their grilled cheese and other kinds of sandwiches are SO GOOD. They also have desserts and yummy bakery treats on display along with snacks and on the go drinks underneath the counter.

Anyways, thats where you’ll find me on the weekends nowadays.

Hope you can stop by and check it out someday!






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