In your Twenties

Hello Friends,

I wrote this letter to myself to be reminded to dance in the rain, to breathe in and out and live life because I am so hard on myself and I had a thought to share. Hugs to you!

In Your Twenties:

#1 Make Mistakes: It is completely normal to mess up and make mistake after mistake. This is the time of your life, the stage in your twenties is where you learn how to be independent and find who you are. Failures help us learn and become better.

#2 Have no idea who you are and what you want in the future: You may be having a bit of an identity crisis in your twenties and that is okay. No one knows exactly what they want to do and planned out their lives. No one. We all have to get out there and try everything! It is pretty terrifying to not know what is happening but remember God is in control. He’s got you!

#3 Laughter over stress: Learn to laugh everyday, laughter is the best medicine even if it is just laughing at a funny meme on your phone. There is a quote stating “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”-anonymous

#4 Be Real:Β Be who you are. There is not another “you” in the universe. You are one of a kind. A precious, unique being that has been chosen to live a life. You are beautiful the way you are. Drop the mask and just be.

#5 Give yourself a break:Β Bad days happen. Mistakes are allowed. You are human. The phrase that everyone is supposed to be happy all the time, that is a complete stinkin lie. Instead, give yourself grace upon grace. Find ways to care for yourself.

#6 Invest in the people who care about you: In this stage of life, it is wonderful to have a support system in place. Find your people who can help you through a crisis and give advice. Mentors are amazing. Find a group of friends to pray with and be held accountable. People who lift you up and not tear you down. I am telling you, it is so worth the time.

#6 Set aside time for God: Sometimes I have only five minutes and I am driving to school. It is okay to be in your car and pour out your heart to God but we also have to infuse ourselves in His word. We are like water and His word is like the tea bag, the longer we dedicate our time to His love letter to us, the more brewed our water is. Basically I am telling you, “Be The Tea” haha

Have a beautiful day!






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