The Grow Coffee Shop

Hello Friends, I found a coffee shop that is a perfect distance from my house and I want to share it with you! It is located 1035 N Tustin Ave Anaheim, CA 92807. It is called the "Grow Coffee +Tea" Isn't that cute? It is a one of a kind, unique coffee shop that serves… Continue reading The Grow Coffee Shop


Downtown Fullerton

Hello Friends, I have a new place I am excited to share with you! Its actually not really new, I've been hanging out here forever. Its called Downtown Fullerton. It is a step back in time as it has little cafes, shops and restaurants lined down Harbor Street with adorable strung lights and the atmosphere… Continue reading Downtown Fullerton

The Orange Circle

Hello Friends, As you can tell, I am starting to expand my blog a bit more in different categories. Adventures, is exactly what it means. Exploring and encountering awkward situations, cool places and awesome things. But first, a little background of myself. I am turning nineteen in thirteen days. Time goes by so fast! I… Continue reading The Orange Circle